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artistic soul meaning

Painting abstract art is an art movement that rejects the concrete images of "reality". Instead of showing recognizable images, it combines bold, pure color and linear form. In abstract canvas painting, you will not see recognizable pictures familiar from everyday life. Instead, you'll find a mixture of colors, shapes, spots, lines, and colors.

The emergence of abstract art

At the beginning of the 20th century, abstract art was regarded as a unique art movement. It gradually established itself and left a deep impression on the audience. Abstract art has existed for centuries. From time immemorial, people have used their incredible creativity to create images of mysterious shapes, colors, and lines. Abstract forms can be found in decorative paintings of many cultures. So why has large abstract painting been a tool of self-expression and voice for thousands of years?

Abstract art and feeling

Many artists refuse to paint concrete "real" objects because they do not express the many emotions and sufferings of human beings. Can Love, admiration, trust, and faith be expressed in graphic form? Obviously, these feelings exist in the artist's mind as colors. On the canvas oil painting, many images representing the artist's spiritual suffering have been translated into color images. By rejecting the "real life" form, the artist can delve into his own soul, and in painting as much as possible to transfer the inner, spiritual aspects of people.

The famous Russian painter V. Kandinski (1866-1944) believed that themes and landscapes limited the painter's self-expression. As a result, he felt that abstraction freed his imagination and enabled him to express his feelings through polychromatic images.

Abstract art and music

Abstract art is similar to music in some ways. Like abstraction, music does not take on a known and recognizable form but fills the soul with a multitude of sensations and experiences through sound. Abstract art produces the same kind of feeling through painting. Like music, art is a means of expressing one's spiritual side. VASILII KANDINSKII even modified many of his compositions with musical names, such as "improvisation" and "composition". Wassily Kandinsky often talks about sound and the whole "choir of paints". Some even say that Wassily Kandinsky managed to express the musical world in his work.

Abstract, spiritual creation

With the help of painting, abstract art enables artists to express the most spiritual feelings of human beings. Their faith, their prayers, and their love for God. The young artist Skrebtsova is a spiritual painter of abstract art. "At some point in my life, I wanted to go beyond words and paint a series of great and interesting creative images in wonderful colors, " she declared. And then these paintings started to happen. They are not landscapes, portraits, or still-life paintings. They are an attempt to portray God's love through the eyes of a person who is hungry to feel the love of God. My paintings are symbols of a generation of spiritual people who are a testament to the strength of God's love that is ever-present in this world."

Abstract spiritual power, spiritual creation

Acquaintances and friends of Maria's Maria Skrebstova often tell her that her paintings for living room help them during difficult testing periods, as a complement to prayer and meditation. At first glance, several people come up with ideas about the importance of spirituality. It's always heartening to realize that the holy world is bigger than the world we know. The charisma of an abstract painter ignites other colors and colors!

If the best modern abstract paintings in the world could be collected in a museum, it would be a place without words. Here, peace, faith, and admiration will culminate in the world. That place will be a haven for love computer technology articles, a paradise for people's spiritual life.

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