Saturday, December 22, 2018

Details of Oil Painting Collection Maintenance

Preservation of Abstract Painting Online Custom, usually the most suitable environmental humidity should be between 50% and 60%, environmental temperature should be controlled between 18 - 22 degrees Celsius.

Huge Contemporary Art

In order to prevent moisture on the back of the canvas, two layers of natural beeswax pre-dissolved in turpentine oil can be applied on the back of the canvas, which can completely prevent the infiltration of moist air. If you are worried about errors in your operation, you might as well ask professionals to help you. Every three or five years, you should do "polishing" for your Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art.

Some details can not be ignored. The first thing is to keep the house clean, which is the basic work of maintaining the collection. Wash your hands before touching oil paintings. Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art should stay away from the smoke of sprays and cigarettes, and regularly remove dust. Before dust removal, be sure to check carefully to see if there are cracks and loosening on the surface of the oil painting. Dust removal should avoid these parts. The choice of dust removal tools is of the utmost importance. It is better to choose brushes or pens made of wool materials. Do not use wipes, let alone wet wipes.

In fact, while purchasing Big Black and White Painting, collectors should take the initiative to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various materials used by painters in painting. If poor paints and canvas are used, then careful maintenance will not help. In addition, if unqualified framing materials are selected, oil paintings will also cause deformation.

In addition to surface dust removal, when encountering problems in preservation and restoration, you can invite the professional services of auction houses or galleries. The restoration of Large Handmade Abstract Art mainly consists of washing, mounting, repairing and repairing. The mounting can repair the decay and breakage of canvas due to age. If the whole block of oil in the picture falls off, it needs to be mounted, and then the color is repaired. Both the repairs and the Supplementary painting should pay attention to the brush strokes, tones and techniques of the original work.