Sunday, November 25, 2018

Space dialogue Picasso -- Claire terbury's new exhibition-greatbigcanvasart

Great big canvas art-Claire Tabouret, a French female artist whose name is no stranger to Chinese art lovers,Large Abstract Canvas Art
 held the exhibition "Claire Tabouret: the dance of icarus" at the yudeyao art museum in Shanghai in 2017.
The second part of an exhibition at Pablo Picasso's art studio in Gisors Boisgeloup,
Continuing the first exhibition of terbury in the gallery's Paris space (September 8, 2018, solstice October 6, 2018), the second part presents terbury's first sculpture in plaster and invites visitors to explore the world of wrestlers.

Made from plaster, a material Picasso used in his studio in bocheru,Black and White Wall Art terbury's cuddle of two figures, "suppression" (2018), symbolizes the paradox and anxiety of physics: these concepts exist in all of terbury's wrestlers
All paper works are monotype.
After painting with ink on plexiglass, terbury pressed paper over it to absorb some of the ink.ABSTRACT PAINTING LARGE CANVAS ART

Terbury then applies the next layer of ink to transparent glass that has already been stained with the first.
This process of creation creates a kind of graphic language that complements Claire terbury's paintings: the questioning of accidental or deliberate repetition.
Born in 1981, terbury now works and travels between Paris and Los Angeles.
Her portraits of hordes of teenagers, young girls in makeup and historical figures like Agnes Martin and Robert walzer have gradually established their own creative identity.
Terbury depicts the eternal theme of "now" in the cover and concealment of painting.
Artists repeatedly depict various figures of different ages through heavy colors, and their gaze seems to question the desires of this era.
In her figurative paintings, drawings and sculptures, terbury examines the question of identity and examines childhood and its mysteries, as well as individuals in isolation or groups.
As a result, her Ceramic Works went into a group exhibition known as "By Fire, Ceramic Works."

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