Tuesday, October 30, 2018

There's an art that's close to you: picture frames

Paintings and frames are realistic or abstract

Art has no boundaries, but art has boundaries. This boundary is an artificial additional work -- picture frame.
"Visible space" is created when an elaborate painting is framed by an elaborate frame.

In this space, what is locked is not only art, but also life, and people's understanding and cognition of beauty.
People want to keep the things they appreciate or remember forever in a space. Therefore, people first purchase an living space, namely a house, and then install an art space in the room.
They are on the walls, they are on the tables, they are in the important corners of the space, they are decorated with a dream life.

From the point of view of art, painting and frame are not only household decorations, but also an artistic contest between "realistic" and "abstract".
Zhu weizhong, a teacher at Shanghai university of engineering and technology, has some ideas.
Classical paintings tend to be more realistic, so the picture frame requirements will be more.
Modern paintings are mostly abstract, especially works that are close to fashion. They have relatively low dependence on frames, and some even require no frames.
Proper frame is a kind of continuation of painting, and inopportune frame makes the picture lose tension and lose the imaginary space of art.
Zhu weizhong has worked for education in art and design for more than a decade.
In his spare time, he painted oil paintings for many galleries and hotels, and was quite knowledgeable about paintings and frames.
For example, classical painting, classical painting has a dignified and elegant beauty, which is created through exquisite skills, accurate and graceful modeling, balanced composition and harmonious tones.
Therefore, classical paintings advocate realism, stories more emotional section, in the content of the basic limit, the requirements of the box will be more specific, the box should be solemn, so it is easier to notice the picture.
And European classicism art emphasizes the quiet great and noble simplicity, the simple picture constitutes the expression of static beauty and power.
Later, the neo-classicism came into being. The typical representative was the French painter Jacques Louis David, whose painting style was rigorous and solemn.
The neo-classical school of painting lasted for decades until the rise of the romantic school, and then the more impressionist painting.
Impressionism painting regards "light" and "color" as the main purpose of painting, and advocates going out of the studio to depict natural scenes and to grasp the instant impression with a rapid method.
Because the color of impression picture wants bright-coloured and strong more than classic picture, because this USES the frame that matchs classic picture to do not suit impression picture, want to use at this moment simple, even use the frame of white directly.
Modern paintings, on the other hand, are more creative, and the frames are more concise, maybe just a white stripe, and even do not need frames in order to show the tension of the painting.
The combination of painting and frame shows a diversified trend.
No pains, no gains
According to Mr. Zhu, the gallery's frames for several of his oil paintings were a bit jarring when he opened an art exhibition in Beijing.
For instance he drew a woman that sits on sofa, but the background is to use more flat, more illusory gimmick, at this time the undertaker is not clear about specific tie-in what frame.
When actual fact is united in wedlock, still should press the main body of real reality to match frame, because main body shows the sitting position of the woman, and setting sofa or chair are not so important.
If the frame is arranged according to the background, the picture is compressed and the original intention of expression is lost.
It can be seen that for those specialized in frame management or the establishment of painting exhibition, it is particularly important to know how to select picture frame, otherwise it will be silly and generous.
With the improvement of the market value of art works, many collectors start to collect or invest in those famous paintings. At the same time, a large number of "painters" have emerged in China in recent years. It takes a quiet heart to engage in artistic creation.
Similarly, some rich people who invest in famous paintings should also have a long-term investment vision and collect the works of those who are seriously engaged in artistic creation.
Take the picture frame as an example. In order to shorten the painting time, for example, the works that can only be completed within 120 minutes at ordinary times, after using the boundary of the good works in the frame "frame" first, it may only take 100 minutes to complete.
In this way, the artist's work becomes a "fake" in value.